Spring Nursery Exhibition 2013
Nurseries of Mazowsze - quality and assortment

It Is Already The 6 Edition of The Exhibition Mazovia Green Areas - The Quality And The Assortment!

We invite you between 28 February and 1 March 2013 to the ŁAZUCCY Nursery, 05-604 Jasieniec, ul. Warecka 110.

It is a special exhibition. It has been organized since 2008 by the nurseries of the Mazovia region associated in the Polish Nurserymen Association. The exhibitors' goal is to share their knowledge and experience and to present their gardens, plants and novelties before the start of the new trade season. For the presentation to be complete, the organizers have decided that it should take place not in a trade or conference center which is alien for the plants but in the most natural place for such an event which a nursery is. Therefore, every year, consecutive members of the Polish Nurserymen Association receive with much friendliness all plant lovers, designers and landscape architects, officials dealing with green areas in cities and communities and everyone dealing with plants trade. Every year the exhibition is visited by nearly one thousand persons.

This year the host of the exhibition is the Łazuccy Nursery from Jasieniec near Grójec. The group of exhibitors is growing, this year as many as 13 nurseries and 10 representatives of the horticultural branch will be presented. Also, every year the main topic of the exhibition is different, in 2013 the topic is The Parks Revitalization As the Restoration of the Cultural Heritage Continuity and it will rule the cycle seminars to be held by numerous specialists, the plants to be presented, the exhibition arrangement, and other accompanying attractions. The lecturers who will share their knowledge and experience, among others, will include:
Grzegorz Benedykciński, Jacek Borowski, Jacek Marcinkowski, Jan Szmit, Katarzyna Radzis, Bożena Tkaczyk-Piechna, Barbara Kraus-Galińska, Leszek Rodek, Roman Pawłowski, Krystyna Bergieł, Krzysztof Zachaj, Tomasz Bukowiecki, Katarzyna Łazucka-Cegłowska.

The exhibition for many years has been supported by companies associated with our branch. This year, those will be:
Agrosimex, Chronos, Elkner, Everris, Fiskars, Hollas, K i K Krajewscy, Klasmann-Deilman Polska, Thorn lighting, Urmik.

We would like to thank all the guests for whom the Mazovia Green Areas exhibition has become a constant item in their branch events schedule.
We invite everyone to the exhibition and ask you to register earlier for lectures because the number of places is limited.